About Us

World Class Technology:

Subhiksha Paper Products is a forward-looking company, set up in the year 2000. Twelve years is a long time. Long enough to test the character of any organization. Be it recession or increased competition, we’ve lived it all. And for sure, all the turbulences have made Subhiksha Paper Products a stronger and a progressive company. Our stern resolve to manufacture quality Products and treat customer satisfaction to a new height has yielded unbelievable results. From an initial capacity of 1000 Bags a day, we have grown to the capacity of 3000 Bags a day.

The Industry has also put its trust on SUBHIKSHA PAPER PRODUCTS as a Reliable Source for its supplies. Our three fold growth in the past couple of years, only reaffirms our faith that Quality & dedicated service to industry will continue to bring in more customers looking up to SUBHIKSHA PAPER PRODUCTS as a reliable source of their requirements.

The company has made it’s presence felt across the Southern states of India against stiff competition by unorganized manufacturers

Vision To continue to be identified and recognized as a dynamic, modern and eco-friendly company with enduring ethics and values

Logic tells us that the best way to please a customer is to wait on them, not make them wait for us. Timely supplies of Quality Products to Customers by carrying proper stock levels of raw material, forecasted on past purchases by its customers has been the hallmark for the steady growth of SUBHIKSHA PAPER PRODUCTS.

At SUBHIKSHA PAPER PRODUCTS, quality has always been our motto since inception.

We are quality conscious and our aim is just to win the goodwill of our clients by supplying them quality material at competitive prices. And continue getting regular, repeated business, multiplied year by year.